Welcome to HowtoLearnGuitar.net!

Welcome to How to Learn Guitar.net! We’re sure at some point in everyone’s life; they have the urge to learn the amazing instrument that is the guitar. There are various ways to learn including tabs, videos, magazines, private teachers, school classes… the list is endless. Teachers cost a lot of money, tabs are nice to have for the most part, but we believe the best and cheapest way to learn is by watching videos. The majority of this site is dedicated to videos, along with a few articles we hope you find helpful. Soak in the knowledge and remember to take it slow. Learning something new will be hard on most occasions, so just take it easy on yourself. Playing the guitar is supposed to be fun, so just remember to calm down and enjoy it. You’ll get better eventually.

We would suggest starting with How to Learn Guitar in 10 Easy Steps , then checking out the Getting Started videos.

Next, take a look at How to Read Guitar Tabs because understanding tabs will definitely come in handy in your guitar learning journey.

Now’s the time to finally start playing something…head over to Beginner Guitar Chords and learn the 10 chords there. Practice, practice, practice until you master them. Learning these 10 chords along with learning how to read tab will make thousands of songs easy to play.

Once you’ve mastered the beginner chords, head over to Guitar Power Chords to learn these powerful sounding chords (Tip: Play an electric guitar with your amp turned up full blast and play one of the power chords…BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE GUITAR). Yet again, practice until you master them.

Once you have all that information soaked in, head over to Beginner Guitar Lessons to learn some songs. Yes, it will be challenging at first. Just think about how awesome it will feel when you’re able to play an entire song though!

Above all else..remember to HAVE FUN!